how to turn off wifi calling

 how to turn off wifi calling

hey friends welcome to my another post in this article I will tell you how to to turn off Wi-Fi calling in your smartphone. friends if you want to turn off your Wi-Fi calling so first of all you have to know that what is Wi-Fi calling so friends first i will tell you that what is Wi-Fi calling.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Friends WiFi Calling is a system that helps you to make voice calls or video calls from your phone via a Wi-Fi connection. Calls can be made via WiFi calling. if you have not internet you can do voice call & Video Call by wi-fi connectionIf you are doing international travel somewhere, then you will not be charged for calling it. Know that you have to pay a charge to call any other country.

 how to turn off wifi calling

Friends, now I will tell you how can you  turn off WiFi calling in your Android and iPhone.

how to turn off wifi calling in android

guys you can turn off Wifi Calling in your android smartphone by these simple steps 
  • go to your smartphone setting 
  • now click on the search button
  • type " wifi Calling " And disable them 
congrats guys you wifi calling is turned off now .

how to turn off wifi calling in iphone

guys you can turn off Wifi Calling in your iphone by these simple steps

If you don't want to use Wi-Fi Calling from one of your devices, you can remove it: On your iPhone, go to Settings > Phone > Calls on Other devices. In the list of devices, turn off Wi-Fi Calling for the device that you want to remove.

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