What is Google Cloud & Google Cloud Backup

What is Google Cloud ?

Google Cloud, also known as Google Cloud Console or GCP, provides computer access to app applications for development, deployment and operation. Google Cloud is primarily a service to create, maintain, and publish original applications that you have access to Gmail Google Maps. You must have heard and used about YouTube, all of them run on Google Cloud and if you have not heard about Google Platform, then today in this article you will know all about Google Cloud.

Google Drive is already integrated for cloud storage in Android smartphones. On the other hand, One Drive in Windows Phone and iCloud service in Apple devices is already available. You will need to create an email ID to use these services. After this, you tighten the file folders available on the phone or computer by storing them in the cloud.

Google Cloud Console provides a web-based, graphical user interface that you can use to manage your Google Cloud projects and resources. When you use the Google Cloud Console, you either create a new project or select an existing project, and then use the resources you created to reference that project.

Cloud computing is increasing in the present time. Hardware and software can be easily managed by remote through Cloud Computing. Google Cloud provides you many services at once, you can easily manage all the tools present here through the web interface. Apart from giving you many services, Google Cloud also provides Ala Carte, where you can create your own new interface using many resources as per your requirement.

What is Google Drive Backup & How its Work ?

Google Drive Backup is a great online cloud storage service created by Google. In which you can easily back up your data, Google provides you 15GB of Free Cloud Storage Service, through which you can easily back up all your photos, documents, media files in it.

When we store the backup of our computer or mobile in Google Drive, the online cloud storage provided by Google, then it is called Google Drive Backup. Like WhatsApp also allows you to take backup in Google Drive.

In information technology, the process of backing up or backing up refers to the creation of copies of data so that these spare copies can be used to restore or restore the originals after a loss of data.

How to do Google Cloud Backup ?

Go to the Settings option of your smartphone, then go to Google Settings and click there.
After this, the option of Backup Now will appear in front of you.
After that click on Backup Now option.
After clicking on this option, you will get the option of backing up with mobile data.

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